Flysch Trail 2020 announcement


The 2020 edition just cancelled because of coronavirus.

.Zumaia – APR 22, 2020. The inaugural event of the 22nd Mountain Running World Cup WMRA was originally planned to host the Classic and Long Distance modalities at the Zumaia Flysch Trail on May 3rd. Subsequently, a postponement to the 27SEP was considered, which will finally not be possible, so the appointment will return to this gorgeous natural park in Euskadi, the Basque Country, on May 8th 2021

Dear Zumaia Flysch Trail Family, Volunteers, City Council, Institutions, Federations, Companies…. in short, all of us who are part of this charming and SOLIDARY project.

We were looking forward to this 2020 edition with the hightest expectations,as we were to host three events for world series: One for the Nordic Walking World Cup, plus two more for the Mountain Racing World Cup, in its Classic and Long Distance events. We also launched a new “Respect for the Environment” project, together with a programme of educational talks by great experts.

Unfortunately, the situation foreseen in the Basque Country if the race were to be held on 26-27SEP is not yet the ideal one due to the COVID19 pandemic. Therefore, this leads us to communicate today, five months in advance, the cancellation of the 2020 edition, citing you back again here at our seaside village for May 8th 2021.

The causes that lead us to take this decision are:

1.- The situation and needs of the Basque Society, both in terms of economics and health, will not be favorable.Sponsor resources have been reoriented to alleviate urgent needs in Esukadi (health, unemployment, …). We therefore renounce to our race, so we may all come to reinforce these more urgent actions.

2.- Health uncertainty about the future evolution of COVD19 throughout the country, with the possibility of even future general outbreaks, already advanced by Spain Ministry of Health and WHO on a global basis.

3.- Concern for our 450 volunteers regarding their safety, both as potentially infected and/or possible asymptomatic carriers, makes it seem preferable to prioritize maximum health guarantees before launching an event that brings together more than 5,000 people.

For these reasons we believe that it is the best decision for everyone, according to the data we have today for our specific case. We will now focus on taking care of ourselves and our loved ones.

THANKS TO ALL, SEE YOU ON MAY 8-9 2021: We want to thank everyone who has trusted in us over the years, from our first edition, won by Raul García Castán and Oihana Kortazar back in 2009, until today. We are expecting to comback in 2021 with renewed strength to face our 12th edition, having overcome this horrible situation.

To this end, first of all, we thank both International Federations afor their confidence on us, and from here on we reaffirm our commitment to host again the Nordic Wallkin NWWCup and Mountain Running WMRA, as well as Ocisport with the Sky Runner National Series.

Furthermore, we thank the team of volunteers and runners from Zumaia and other places that have participated in the three guided trainings for women. You have done all a superb job, empowering more and more women to take on our challenging mountain courses will full confidence and resources.

Finally, although the popular registrations did not open, we did already have international and elite runners who already booked their slot. World Champions, European champions. Spain national champions. Basque Country… Some were coming to us from distant places such as Italy, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Eritrea, Ethiopia …

Some of the confirmed elites for 2020, that we invite from now on back for 2021 are: Sarah Maccormack, Lucie Marsanova, Louise Mercer, Charlotte Morgan, Petro Mamu, Bernard Dematteis, Zak Hanna, Martin Dematteis, Joseph Dugdale, Sandor Szabo, Chris Richards, Scout Adkin , Jacob Adkin, Ismail Razga, Jawad Louiz, Hassan Ait Chaou, Raul Criado, and of course our current 2019 champions Oihana Kortazar and Oier Ariznabarreta …….

We are in contact with all them to transfer their registration to 2021, so that world renowned Basque mountain running fans may enjoy and cheer on the great European, African and American cracks of this sport, running alongside the popular runners and volunteers of these lands.

A big hug to all the ZUMAIA FLYSCH TRAIL family. See you with all the enthusiasm in the world on May 8-9, 2021. Coming soon … GORA ZUMAIA FLYSCH TRAIL.